A Stone for Nina

​A Stone for Nina

​Genega’s short prose piece, A Stone for Nina, is an elegy really; the story describes a fascinating and unusual older woman who befriends a group of naïve but intelligent college boys. It’s the late 1960’s Washington, D.C. Nina has a long tale to tell about her life, full of strange twists and turns and possible fabrications.  

Three Mile Harbor Press Chapbook, 2012, 35 pp. www.3mileharborpress.com

After the launch and reading at Canio’s Books, Sag Harbor: “Author and poet Paul Genega’s reading of this piece joined voice, cadence, word and physical gesture all in subtle and expressive alignment. It was as if all the many disparate elements of a life harmonized in the work of this artist.”

            Maryann Calendrille, Canio’s Books Blog, 6/10/13