All I Can Recall

All I Can Recall

The poems here attempt to piece together the seminal, sometimes traumatic, events which forge identity and inform our lives. Spanning many decades – from his grandmother’s bootlegging days in the Great Depression, to the counterculture of the 60’s and 70’s, to the Bush invasion of Iraq – these poems are populated by a large, quirky cast of characters – some family members, many not – including a female impersonator, a trade journalist who aches to be a model, and a struggling New York actress with “a voice sultry as an Alabamian afternoon.” At turns elegiac and sardonic, All I Can Recall   looks to the past to make sense of the present, employing the sharp light of poetry to illuminate memory’s dark corners.

Salmon Poetry, 2013, 72 pp.

“… first rate…”

           The Rumpus

“… a thought provoking work that showcases Genega’s exceptional versatility and skill.”

           Dundee University Review of the Arts